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Customs Services

Customs brokers of East-West Shipping Agency OÜ are qualified experts who have extensive experience in cooperation and communication with the customs authorities and a good knowledge of the specifics of law.
Customs clearance includes the following arrangements that our team of experts will be pleased to make for you:
  • Calculation of customs duties and taxes.
  • Check for possible preferential duties.
  • Import customs settlements.
  • Assistance in the payment of tax duties.
  • IM4 import customs clearance.
  • EX1 export customs clearance.
  • Preparation of certificates confirming the preferential origin of goods (EUR.1, A.TR, GSP Form A).
  • Principal service (security of transit) T1.
  • Brokerage security of the payment of import charges.
  • Completion of transit as per T1 with the customs authority.
  • Preparation of CMR, TIR, SMGS.
  • Completion of transit as per TIR with the customs authority.
  • Preparation of the certificate of origin (general form).
  • Adjustment of the declaration drawn up.
Please send us your inquiry to , and we will provide you with the estimated customs costs in a short time.