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The process of cargoes delivery is bound up with numerous risks; in order to avoid possible unforeseen situations, we offer our customers to insure their cargoes.

The insurance of the cargoes is the most optimum and effective way to minimize risks upon transportation of the cargoes. The insurance helps to avoid additional expenditures and damages upon rise of the unforeseen circumstances during the carriage. The risks related to the cargo carriage are various and, besides the risks of a direct loss and damage to the cargo, there are customs risks and risks of liability of carriers, forwarders, security guards and operators of warehouse terminals.

The present kind of the insurance is characterized by the fact that in the process of the cargoes delivery, an owner has no possibility to control the cargoes safe keeping, the several carriers may take part in the cargoes delivery, the freight activity may be carried out by various kinds of transport (motor transportations, air cargo carriage, carriage by sea, combined transportations), in the process of delivery, the cargo may cross territories of several foreign states.

In accordance with the customer’s will, East-West Shipping Agency Ltd realizes the insurance of the cargo upon transportations by all kinds of the transport. Our Company has long-term business connections with the leading insurance companies specialized, among the other services, in the insurance of the cargo.

Objects of Insurance
  • The cargoes carried by any kinds of the transport and in the combined traffic;
  • Any cargoes, in according to turnover of which, no limitations are stipulated; 
  • The insurance may cover all carriage route “from door to door”, including handling operations, transshipments and temporary storage in places of transshipments;
  • The insurance payment may include the expenses of the insured party bound up with organization of the shipment, expenses for an intermediate storage, customs duties;
  • The geography of the carriages is practically unlimited. The traditional exceptions are areas of military operations and civil disorders.

Insurance contracts may be concluded on various terms and conditions, they may cover both all possible risks and certain risks at choice of the insured party.