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Road transport

The transportations by trucks are a kind of delivery of cargoes which is the most popular among our customers. It ideally does for work between Europe and Baltic States, Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia. The self-evident advantages of the motor transportation are flexibility of a route, quick, in respect of terms, delivery of the cargo without intermediate transshipments, as well as a possibility of the total control of the cargo condition in the process of transportation.

The transportations by trucks are one of the principal orientations of our company’s activity, i.e. the motor transportations with use of various logistic schemes. You only need to select the scheme which is convenient for you, we make all other work.

We fulfill the qualitative motor transportation with meeting the dates, presentation of the information about movement and the whereabouts of the cargoes, execution of necessary documents and customs registration. The stored experience and knowledge of the terms of transportation in a concrete country allows us to offer you the best of the possible variants of the shipments in accordance with the necessary limitations concerning the time, fulfillment of the necessary customs procedures and other formalities.

We’ll be glad to offer you the well adjusted service in the area of the transportations by trucks, taking into account your individual wishes.

Upon ordering the transport from East-West Shipping Agency company, a customer is rendered with the whole kind of services corresponding to the quality, time of fulfillment and value, as well as perfect confidence in safety of the cargo and our willingness for the subsequent cooperation.

The speed of the cargoes delivery is a one of the most important aspects for fulfillment of the professional international carriage.

The motor transportations of the perishable, oversize and dangerous cargoes are carried out with the special motor vehicles which completely correspond to the requirements for the transportation of the present kind of the cargo and upon presence of the whole set of permits. The company organizes the transportation of the cargoes of any kind (with the exception of radioactive and explosive cargoes – IMCO 1, 7 hazard classes).

We act quickly, reliably and successfully. Thanks to our experience and high professional level, our company has already won the recognition on the international transportations market.

As a rule, the transportations by trucks are one of components in the combined delivery of the cargoes. But the motor transport may be an independent kind of the transport services, in some cases – the only one.

In accordance with the requirements placed for the shipment, the various types of transport facilities may be used:
  • Eurotents 82 – 150 m3;
  • Refrigerators; 
  • Jumbo, Mega-Trailer; 
  • Container platforms 20", 40", 40"HC, RE, OT.

Our business is aimed at realization of the timely transportation of the cargoes safe and intact to a place of destination.