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East-West Shipping Agency Ltd pays a heightened attention to organization of the warehouse services in order to satisfy the requirements of a customer. At present, the storage and warehouse services are an integral part of the modern transport and logistic infrastructure.

East-West Shipping Agency Ltd offers a broad range of the warehouse services, beginning from organization of the handling operations and finishing with the works for cargo packaging. The safe-keeping and effective management of storage facilities are the main part of our Company’s activity.

East-West Shipping Agency Ltd renders the following services of a customs warehouse on the leased warehouse areas in European countries: 
  • loading and unloading works
  • organization of storage of goods
  • storage of transit goods 
  • storage of bonded cargo 
  • storage of dangerous cargo 
  • storage of the goods which require the precise temperature conditions 
  • storage of goods at a customs warehouse with customs clearance by parts
  • handling of goods in a customs area (grading, packing, marking and so on) 
  • acceptance, storage and terminal handling of 20" and 40" containers 
  • consolidation of cargoes from various suppliers for subsequent export 
  • control of quantity, integrity of packing and the condition of the goods 
  • execution of export documents 
  • placement of the goods on pallets (packing with a stretch film)
  • grading with a change of packing 
  • manufacture of non-standard packing
  • taking into account the stored goods which means coordination of cargo flows and on-line data treatment in time
  • sale of the cargo at the warehouse, change of an owner of the cargo, re-consignment of the goods.

We offer you the warehouses and store rooms equipped on the basis of higher techniques which allow us to render the storage services on the highest possible level. All the warehouses are equipped with convenient railway access tracks, they have a possibility of the open, closed, heated, non-heated storage.

The qualitative storage services give an opportunity to raise reliability and effectiveness of the cargoes transportation in various directions.